Wednesday, November 30, 2011

T-Mobile is a "Disruptive Force" according to the FCC, now why don't more people use them?

I think T-Mobile is awesome and it looks like a few people at the FCC might agree

Loss of a "Disruptive Force"

T-Mobile is well known for providing very low cost wireless services, the FCC notes. A company with a "history of disruptive competitive conduct," the report describes the firm. "Although T-Mobile faces challenges as the industry develops and responds to the increasing data demands of consumers, the record does not support the bleak short-term outlook for T-Mobile that AT&T has portrayed in its submissions."

T-Mobile has the cheapest and most flexible plans out of all the carriers.  They have a solid phone lineup and interesting technology like WiFi calling that you can't really get anywhere else.

 I hear so many people complain about their cell phone company but I have never had any issues with T-Mobile.  I guess I will never understand why so many people stick with crappy service when there are so many better options.