Thursday, December 15, 2011

Yet another reason to get a Kindle: Library books!

Recently Amazon turned on the ability to borrow ebooks from your local library on your Kindle.  This is a feature that other e-reader have had for some time and many thought would never come to the Kindle.  Now that i have had a chance to try it out i have to admit it is pretty awesome.

It took a little while for me to get this set up since my library card had expired years ago and i had been using various other methods to borrow the ebooks i wanted to read.  I did have to go down to my local library and get a new card.  Once that was done i quickly went online to find a book to read and found what might be the only flaw with this program.

Currently there is a rather small selection of ebooks available to download and the number of ones you would actually want to read is even smaller.  This ended up not being a huge issue and is something that should change over time as publishers and libraries get more comfortable with ebooks.

This means that you do have to spend some time finding a book that is worth reading and when you do find it there will almost always be a waiting list.  After you put yourself on the waiting list you will get an email when the book is available and you then get a couple of days to download the book.  Once you get the email you log into the library ebook site and click a button and the book is sent to your Kindle over wifi, no wires needed!  

I am currently reading Ian Banks book Consider Phlebas which so far is pretty awesome.

You get the book for 21 days and once that is up the book does get deleted from your Kindle.  They do give you a 3 day warning before this happens.  If you made any notes or highlights they will still be available at

More information can be found here

Borrow Kindle Books from Your Local Library