Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The nightly TED talk experiment, come hang out with us!

Like most of the Internet I think that TED talks are a great example of what makes the Internet awesome.  The ability to watch a short video about a wide variety of topics from some of the most brilliant thinkers of our day is just an amazing development.  If you have not already checked out a TED talk you should stop reading this and go there now.

Tonight i decided to try an experiment an do a group viewing of a TED talk about online learning using the Google+ Hangout feature.  The video was pretty fascinating and was done by one of the founders of he online learning site Coursera.  Coursera is another interesting development on the Internet that is trying to provide a high quality university education online for free.  

The talk was pretty good and went over some very interesting points about how they are dealing with issues like how to grade tens of thousands of essays via the Internet.  Overall I highly recommend checking out the video and have embedded it bellow.

More importantly I found that a group viewing of a TED talk can be pretty awesome.  We were able to chat with a person from Korea who actually uses Skype to teach English online and who had some very thoughtful and interesting insights on the subject of online learning.  Although the hangout can be a bit of a distraction I found that I paid closer attention to the video to find ideas and issues to chat about once it was done.

TED has thousands of videos and posts new ones pretty much every day.  We are planning to try another group viewing tomorrow at 9:00pm PST (4:00am GMT).  We will start the hangout at 8:30pm to get everything organized and chat a bit before we watch the video.  Please follow my twitter feed if you are interested in knowing when we are starting.

Hope to see you there!