Monday, November 19, 2012

How Eastern and Western cultures approach the struggle to learn

Just listened to a great NPR story about cultural views on learning.  In the west we often associate struggling to learn a topic as a sign that you are not very smart.  In the east, struggle is viewed as more of an opportunity to show that you will work hard and figure out the topic.  Both approaches have their pros and cons and each culture could learn from the other.

In my own life I have noticed that when i struggle with a topic it can be devastating to my self-esteem and motivation.  I instantly jump to the conclusion that I am just not smart enough.  Since most things come fairly easy to me I have not yet come up with cognitive strategies to deal with struggling to learn a topic.

Link to the story is below and I HIGHLY recommend listening to it.

Have you experienced this?  Anyone grow up in the east an able to comment on the story?