Saturday, November 3, 2012

Review: Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics

China is often considered to be a bit of a paradox in the economic development profession.  It is commonly said that it did not follow the common route of development with deregulation and liberalization of the economy.  This book offers compelling evidence that China might not be that different after all.

The author digs deeply into government records to find that the key to understanding China's growth is not by studying the pro-urban state led capitalism that was done in the 1990's but instead looking at the rural entrepreneurship of the 80's that laid the groundwork for the spectacular growth that China has seen over the last 30 years.  He also dispels many myths about companies like Lenovo who are today seen as being an example of how China can create strong innovative companies but are actually questionably Chinese.

This book can at times get a bit bogged down in number and details but in the end it is a rather fast paced and exciting read that gives you a whole new view of what has been happening in China over the last 30 years, why it is important, and what challenges China may have in the future.

I highly recommend that you read this book. Right now the price is rather high on Amazon but it appears that I can loan out my Kindle edition. So if you are interested please contact me.