Sunday, December 9, 2012

Crash Course is a great example of how the internet will change education

It feels like the amount and quality of online educational resources exploded in 2012.  Khan Academy finally hit the mainstream, TED talks are now watched by millions, and Coursera is offering more classes then some small colleges.

My personal favorite recent online educational experiment in Crash Course on Youtube.  This is a a YouTube series that teaches what is essentially a high school level course on History, Biology, Ecology, and Literature.  The videos are hosted by Hank and John Green who have built up a rather large following of fans, called Nerdfighters, from their vlogbrothers channel.  The Crash Course series is also funded by the YouTube Original Channel Initiative and is so far the only YouTube funded channel that I thought was actually good.

I highly recommend checking out the world history videos of crash course.  John Green is an amazing teacher, at least in video form.  He makes world history fascinating and probably makes high school world history classes completely unnecessary.

  I have embedded the first episode below please check it out and tell me what you think.