Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Thoughts on Portland being an unsafe driving city

A study is in the news that reports Portland, OR as being on of the most unsafe driving cities in the US.

What I found interesting about this is that, compared to other places that I have lived, I don't know many people who drive all that much in Portland.  Basically all of my friends and co-workers who live in Portland tend to take mass transit or bike just about everyone.  I personally haven't driven more than a few times in the past 6 months and I actually drive less in Portland than I did when I lived in Corvallis, which is a tiny college town.

Portland is so easy to get around just using mass transit or a bike that I personally don't understand why anyone who lives here even bothers to own a car unless you really need too. This makes me wonder if the driving population of Portland might be different than your average driver population in other cities.  In other cities that are Portland sized, driving is the norm, and although driving is still fairly common in Portland, a significant part of the population appears to be choosing other forms of transportation.

I wonder how this change in the demographics of who drives might effect reports like this one?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Should the blink tag make a come back?

Probably not, but that isn't stopping people from trying.

A group is forming over at that appears to seriously want to bring back the blink tag, which has recently been removed from just about all major browsers.  So far this isn't a big group, but the twitter feed is fairly active, the blog is updated way more than most, and you can get a free button! They even have a pro-<blink> t-shirt available.

Honestly, the web is probably better off without <blink> but I have to admire the commitment that this group is showing to bring back <blink>.  I guess as long as I am able to turn it off, then I wouldn't mind bringing back the <blink> tag.