Wednesday, July 5, 2017

WTF happened at Apple?!?!

After thinking more about the WWDC keynote and seeing the various betas that are now out, I have to ask, WTF happened as Apple appears to be listening to Apple fans and giving us what we want.

Now nothing is ever perfect, but if you look at the list of things that Apple fans have been wanting, it seemed like they hit every reasonable request they possibly could.

iOS 11 on the iPad looks exactly like what Federico Viticci and Fraser Speirs have been begging Apple for on Canvas their iOS productivity podcast.

WatchOS got updates that matched what Tailosive Tech asked for on youtube

Then, the most obscure feature that Merlin Mann has been asking for, the automatic deletion of unused apps, even showed up.

So, I think something important has changed internally at Apple. It seems the years of whaling and gnashing of teeth that the apple fanboy community has caused some changes and I couldn't be happier.